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The Abandoned Indian Farmer

In Delhi, two governments are so busy advertising their efforts towards farmer welfare, they forget to do any actual work.

How It All Started

We uncovered a shocking truth recently when we tried to help one of our farmers build a cold storage.

Balraj Rana wanted to help a hundred odd farmers from his area store exotic veggies — which happen to be extremely perishable — for a few hours before having them picked up by our team. He hoped to build a cold storage for this purpose, which he planned to share with his fellow farmers for free.

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What It Take to Transform a Village.

A tiny man taught us how to transform an entire village. Here’s what it takes: one piece of information and one insight.

We were eager to meet Rameshwar. We had heard he had transformed an agrarian village in the Himalayas. We had heard impressive stories, the kind you rarely get to hear about a person someone knows in real life, and so we were surprised to see a tiny man, no more than 5 feet 3 inches tall, greet us at Ashwini Ghat. We looked at each other and we wondered how he did it.

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