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Progressive Farming

Know more about Progressive Farming.

We work with farmers who use bio-pesticides & natural fertilisers in a safe way, without compromising on crop yield. Read on to learn about the clever techniques they use.


It’s a closed, controlled environment that minimises chances of crop loss or damage. Because the temperature inside can be controlled, it’s useful for growing produce in all seasons.


Drip Irrigation

This micro-irrigation system minimises the amount of water, nutrients and fertilizers used by depositing them directly above the root. It conserves natural resources, and works even for fields with irregular shapes.


Pheromone Trap

These traps are spaced out across farms. Powdered pheromone inside these traps lures insects, and a strong glue on the outside traps them as soon as they land. When used along with a neem spray, these eliminate the need for synthetic pesticides.


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